This Coffee Shop

28 Mar

There’s nothing special about this coffee shop. It’s just that I’ve been here so many times and it’s close to where I live. This is my go-to when I need to be alone—which, as an introvert, is quite often. I like it here. It’s simple. It’s unpretentious. It’s nothing special.

Maybe it’s the very simplicity that attracts me to it. I see myself as a fairly plain girl with relatively complicated thoughts who feels like she fits in this corner of solace where there can sometimes be harsh lighting and noisy customers. But, hey, I’m making myself a promise right now: I won’t go here with anyone who’s not special to me. Maybe then, maybe now it’s something a little bit special. To me, at least.

If I’m nowhere to be found, I’m probably here at this nowhere which really isn’t anything special… But I’m not telling you where nowhere is.

Where Do I Go From Here?

27 Mar

Where do I go from here?

I used to know what time to wake up, to wake desires, to put to sleep tired dreams, and to sleep. To sleep. Is that all I can ever occupy my bare hours with? I want to think these hours can mean something. Maybe something is out there—maybe a more meaningful sunrise and sunset, a more enthusiastic face to put on, and a more alive heart that marches to its own drumming.

Where do I go from here?

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2 Feb

I feel unusually inspired these days!

I have so much to say than that! Yet I still have so much to do that I would rather keep my fuddled writings to myself in the meantime and get back to organizing my thoughts and writing about my feelings once final examinations are over. I’m sure I’ll be back here by March puking rainbows… Sort of. Maybe.

For now, I’m breathing in all these little moments of inspiration dreaming on.

A Li’l Pre-Grad Musing

22 Jan

Because it’s nearly graduation, I guess I’d follow suit and post here something about what I’d probably (like to) be doing after…

First of all, I just want to express how inspiring it is to me seeing people talk about wanting to make a difference, go out of their comfort zones, and dedicate their lives to admirable causes. It truly is.

But, hey, what if I want to sell shampoo after graduation?

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Sing Like It’s 2012

29 Dec

Music always helps, no matter what you’re going through.

— Peyton Sawyer, One Tree Hill

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Momma Never Knew

16 Dec

your momma told you
good girls don’t talk loud
from your childhood crowd
that was golden true

your momma told you
pretty girls smile shy
they don’t dare ask why
that’s how boys like you

your momma told you
girl friends should be nice
they should got no vice
only louche girls do

your momma told you
city girls ain’t good
don’t misunderstood
what they say are shrew

your momma told you
best girl you gon’ be
now you just feel sorry
momma never knew


26 Nov

I rarely ever think of my father. I haven’t truly thought of him in a long time. I do not see the point. He’s gone. I can’t bring him back. It’s not like I even want to. Maybe that sounds bad, but, really… What’s the point?

However, as I was listening to the song “Stars” past 1 am this morning, I got surprisingly emotional. I’ve never denied the fact that music, films, and letters affect me deeply. I’m someone who gravitates to works that resonate with how I feel. Amanda Brown reeled me in with her voice. When I heard her last week on “The Voice,” I was beyond moved. She looked like she felt the song, as did I. I loved it. I love her!

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